There’s now one more thing you can do on Facebook Messenger: having conversations with your friends through video calls.

So if it were up to Facebook, you no longer have to switch to Skype, Viber or Hangouts. You can just stay with the Facebook Messenger app if you need to have a face-to-face talk with your friends. The icon to initiate a video call sits at the upper right corner of the app. The feature is cross-platform compatible, which means you can start a video call on an Android smartphone with a friend who’s using an iOS device.

Facebook Messenger app video call icon

Facebook has certainly been busy adding features and improving its Messenger app. Last month, it unveiled a new way for users to send money or payment to their Facebook contacts. Earlier this month, Facebook also launched, a Web version of its chat app.

Facebook has begun rolling out the Messenger update with the video call feature in a few countries. The Philippines doesn’t seem to be among the first lucky few, which means we’ll have to wait “over the coming months.” Okay, so maybe you should hang on to Skype or Viber for a while.

[Source: Facebook]

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