Relationship, finance, and commerce top Pinoys’ online activities


Amid a global health issue that sees an influx of internet transactions among Filipinos, Kaspersky and Sapio Research conducted a survey that seeks to assess what concerns Pinoys most during the crisis. Surprisingly, they involve matters that relate to relationship (dating), finance, and commerce.

The concern mostly boils down to the shift from the traditional face-to-face transaction to digital which, quite literally, changed the way old methods work in favor of remote means. 

Drawing from the similar survey, it was also found out that more than half of the total participants are confident in their security online, so long as they use applications gotten directly from either the App Store or Play Store (67 percent) or if they use antivirus scans (65 percent). 

To ensure their protection, at least 56 percent claim to change password to each of their device. 42 percent of a third of the overall respondents, of which are parents, admit to paying for an antivirus software to keep their gadgets secure.

Ultimately, the survey was committed to gather data for a report entitled, More Connected Than Ever Before: How We Build Our Digital Comfort Zones.

Known for being the most avid of internet users in comparison to other nationalities across the globe, Pinoys showed an increase to their internet usage by as little as two hours to as much as 20 hours even before the ramifications of the crisis began.

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