Vivamax has hit a significant new milestone, seeing its subscriber base grow to 11 million. This marks an impressive increase from 7 million subscribers in June 2023. Having launched in January 2021, Vivamax continues to hold the title of the fastest-growing video-on-demand service in the country.

Over the past three years, the content library of Vivamax has expanded considerably. As of now, the platform boasts nearly 500 titles, with close to 200 original productions. The service consistently adds new releases every week, demonstrating its commitment to providing viewers with a wide range of satisfying content.

Vivamax has also played a crucial role in advancing the careers of several talented artists, including Angeli Khang, Robb Guinto, Azi Acosta, Christine Bermas, Yen Durano, Angela Morena, AJ Raval, and Micaella Raz. In addition, the 2023 reality show “Pantaxa (Extreme 4Play)” has helped launch the careers of young women like Apple Dy, Aiko Garcia, and Angelica Hart, who have become known as VMX Crushes.

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