5G is definitely the future or wireless technology. And as early as now, the big names in the industry are hard at work to bring this future closer.

There are a lot of news that come up regarding tech companies prepping for the 5G era. Local service provides like Smart Communications said that they will be 5G-ready by the year 2020. MediaTek also showcased their own 5G mobile modem in COMPUTEX 2018. And other names like OPPO and Huawei have also joined the party too.

But probably the most interesting development comes from Vivo and Qualcomm. These two tech giants have teamed up to develop a 5G technology that, as they say, will actually work in a single form factor.

The two was able to successfully design and integrate  5G mmWave antennas in an actual Vivo device. This new technology also comes with a sub-6Hz signal.

With this development, both Vivo and Qualcomm hopes that it will finally resolve the challenges that both smartphone OEMs and network providers are facing on designing 5G-enabled devices and services.

The two also claims that their 5G mmWave wireless technology has a peak data speeds that’s 10-20 times faster than 4G LTE — which is the current standard that we have now.

Vivo and Qualcomm see this new technology as a great tool to improve UHD video streaming, plus applications in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence.

Just like everybody’s prediction, Vivo and Qualcomm expect this technology to roll-out by 2019 in select regions and will go full swing by the year 2020.

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