Willie Revillame is giving away 1,000 tablets to underprivileged students


As classes are being conducted remotely and online in response to the still ravaging effects of the pandemic, Wowowin host Willie Revillame has pledged to give away 1,000 tablet units to underprivileged students.

The proclamation came from the host himself during a live broadcasting last Wednesday who showcased the tablet, which comes inclusive of a stand to hold the device in place. 

While the demo was not explicit in highlighting the brand and model, the host clarified that it will be an Android device—not an iPad, which he had initially mistaken the gadget to be. 

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Revillame claims that the units aimed for the giveaway were purchased directly and were not sponsored. 

Known for his acts of philanthropy, Willie Revillame—affectionately called “Kuya Will”—had previously distributed a total of P5m cash, sacks of rice, as well as some jackets to Filipino jeepney drivers who were deeply affected by COVID-19.

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