Instead of focusing on batteries lasting longer, the smartphone industry has shifted a lot of its focus to making charging faster. A couple of Chinese brands are leading the charge in this area, including Xiaomi.

We’ve seen market-available smartphones with charging speeds as high as 150W. The OnePlus 10T has it, Realme GT Neo 3T has it, and a few more.

Now, there are talks that Xiaomi is upping the ante as they reportedly have plans on releasing a 210W charging technology.

A Xiaomi MDY-13-EU charging adapter has been spotted on the 3C website, which apparently boasts 210W charging speeds. It is said to be capable of delivering 5V/3A, 9V,3A, 11V/6A Max, 17W/10.5A Max, and 20V/10.5A Max output.

So, what does this mean? On a regular 4,000mAh smartphone battery, a full 0% to 100% charge using a 210W USB Type-C charger will only take 8 minutes.

However, this isn’t the fastest charging tech we’ve heard. OPPO has already teased its 240W SuperVOOC charging tech. But just like it, as well as Xiaomi’s previous 200W HyperCharge Tech, it’s not clear if this new 210W speed will make it to a market-ready device. Here’s to hoping.

Via: Android Headlines

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