Xiaomi has already pushed a number of smart appliances such as TVs and air purifiers. However, their weirdest smart product yet has to be their new Xiaomi Rice Cooker, which even comes with a companion app. The actual name is a lot longer though. Of course, no one’s going to keep calling it by its official name: Xiaomi Mi Induction Heating Pressure Cooker. That’s just not going to happen.

Rice Cooker App

Still, it’s an interesting smart offering that uses the smartphone app to identify the rice you want using a library of bar codes to cook according to type, brand, or even origin.That way you can achieve the perfect softness or firmness according to your liking. Xiaomi boasts that it has a portfolio of over 200 brands and some 2,450 different cooking method combinations.

It’s a weird product for sure, especially for a brand that most people recognize for their smartphones. However, it’s just the first in what looks to be a long line of new smart appliances for the home. The company recently announced the Mi Ecosystem or Mijia as it’s called in China, with the Xiaomi rice cooker being the first product from this sub-brand.

The Xiaomi rice cooker is just 999 yuan or roughly Php7.1k as of writing. However, you’re going to need some luck if you want to get one locally as it’s not likely to be sold outside of China. Still, there may be some local gray market sellers that might pick it up. Seeing as Japanese alternatives are priced much higher, it may even be worth the premium that’s likely to be tacked on the original SRP.

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