Xiaomi Umbrella with LED light unveiled


Everybody knows that Xiaomi makes a slew of products other than technology. This latest one belongs in that category. Meet the Xiaomi Urevo Umbrella.

Xiaomi Youpin introduced the UREVO Umbrella with one cool feature. It has three extra-bright LED lamp beads that can do 10m of illumination distance. Users can adjust the angle to illuminate their path if they are walking at night, which is really important, especially if the roads are wet.


The light will also make the pedestrians visible to drivers when it’s dark out. Unlike other switches, there’s no physical button for the light. Instead, you need to rotate the handle to turn the LED lamps on.

It’s also said to offer long battery life.


As for the umbrella features, it has a one-key automated opening and closing to make them easy to operate with one hand.

The umbrella also has an explosion-proof punching mechanism to prevent sudden rebounding when retracting the umbrella. It also folds in reverse to prevent water splashes when closing the umbrella.


It then uses 210T high-density impact cloth material with hydrophobic coating outside. It also has an anti-UV layer with a sun protection factor up to UP50+. Meanwhile, the frame itself is made of fiberglass. That’s the same material found on the ribs to form the frame.

The Xiaomi UREVO Umbrella is available in China for CNY69 (around Php500).

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