Xiaomi has a cool new smartphone concept with the display wrapping on all sides of the device like a waterfall.

The Xiaomi Waterfall Display concept looks like a more refined and realistic version of the Mi Mix Alpha. It has an 88-degree quad-curved waterfall display that seamlessly melts on all sides of the device. Xiaomi used a 3D bonding process for this one.


But unlike the Mi Mix Alpha, it looks like the screen doesn’t continue on the back this time. With that, Xiaomi used a third-generation in-display selfie camera to hide it behind the display.

Xiaomi also boasts its no-port design. As per the company, they patented 46 technologies to create alternatives to the traditional ports and buttons.


There’s the flexible film display acoustic technology for the speakers, wireless charging, pressure-sensitive touch sensors, and more. What’s interesting is, it will solely rely on eSIM cards since it lacks a SIM slot.

To accommodate this latest form-factor, Xiaomi used a modified version of MIUI for this one. As you can see, the notification panel, battery status, time, and other icons are on the right side.

It will also feature unique animated wallpapers for you to fully appreciate its looks.

Like most concept phones, it’s not clear if this new concept will end up on a final, market-ready device. But, it’s worth noting that Samsung already abandoned its curved (edge) screen design on its latest flagship, the Galaxy S21 series.

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