YouTube announces mobile live streaming, ready to take on Facebook live


YouTube has introduced a mobile live streaming feature built-in directly to the YouTube app.

YouTube has been in the live streaming game since 2011, long before we got Periscope, Facebook Live and all other streaming services. Now, they’re bringing it closer to everyone by baking it directly to the mobile app.

There’s not much set-up to do, and it’s very simple. Users can start live streaming just by hitting the big red button. You can either take or select a photo that will be used as thumbnail. YouTube mobile live streaming also enables the broadcaster to chat in real time with the viewers.

Since it’s built-in into the app, it’ll also have the features of other YouTube videos. It can be searched, recommended, and added to a playlist. If you want to protect it, you can also set it to private.

If there’s any edge the mobile live streaming from YouTube have over the others, it’s the speed and reliability of YouTube itself.

There’s no information about the exact roll out, but YouTube mobile live streaming will be available soon as it’s already available on select publishers.

[Source: YouTube]

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