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Apple did a really drastic move to fully switch the MacBooks to USB Type-C. It’s a huge headache for MacBook Pro users to only have one type of port for their peripherals, SD cards, and what not.

What’s even more annoying is the USB Type-C dongles don’t come cheap — as if you haven’t already spent too much money on getting the new MacBook. Heck, you can’t even plug in an iPhone X to the MacBook without a dongle.

It just feels really weird that Apple hasn’t yet used the same USB Type-C implementation in their mobile devices since they’re being serious about that “one port rules all” thingy.


However, it looks like it finally came to Apple’s senses as they are rumored to finally equip the future iPhones and iPads with USB Type-C port, according to a report from analog IC vendors in China.

Sources say that Apple is now busy redesigning the hardware and other interface-related items for the iPads and iPhones. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing the USB Type-C implementation until 2019 because we’re pretty sure that the 2018 iPhones and iPads are now in the final stages of development.

Hopefully, this will push through as we’re certain that it will be the key driving force for the USB Type-C to go mainstream.

Source: Digitimes

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