Source: Harley from Canada | Via: The Verge

GoPro has been going through some rough times recently. The competition in the action camera market has been really tight, their Karma drone got recalled, etc. Thus, we do expect them to bounce back, and the rumored GoPro Hero 6 Black might be their ride back to the top.

As per the reports, the pioneering company will now focus more on what’s on the inside. Hence, the upcoming GoPro Hero 6 Black will have the same looks as the Hero 5 before it. This means that it will have the same rubberized look to ensure it can withstand being roughed up. The Hero 6 will also be waterproof without the need of a protective case. GoPro claims that it can be submerged up to 33 feet.

Source: Harley from Canada | Via: The Verge

Like I said, the big changes are happening internally. And for the first time ever, the GoPro Hero 6 Black camera can now shoot ultra-sharp 4K videos at a butter smooth 60fps frame rate. The Hero 6 can also record slow-motion videos at 240fps under an acceptable resolution of 1080p.

Moreover, GoPro has dumped Ambrella, the supplier of the processors that powered their cameras from way back. Instead, the company will now utilize their own custom chip dubbed as “GP1”. This gives GoPro full control of the chipset’s design, hence, tailoring it to perform well with their cameras. With that, we can expect GoPro cameras to have better image and video quality, performance speed, and battery efficiency from now on.

The GoPro Hero 6 Black is expected to be announced on September 28th and will be priced at USD499 (around Php25,500). We are also expecting to see announcements from other GoPro products on the event. Rumors suggest that the GoPro Fusion, their 360-degree camera, will finally be available in more consumers.

The Karma drone is also expected to have new smart features. Features like “Follow me” is now included, which has been on DJI’s drones for quite some time now. And lastly, the Karma stabilizer is also said to follow DJI Osmo’s footsteps.

Source: The Verge

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