A series of tweets from a proclaimed tipster claims that an ongoing business deal between Leica and Huawei is bound to end soon, consequently giving also the notion that the P50 Series will be the partnership’s last project in the market.

However, as the two companies are to go separate ways, it was stated that Leica is in search of an original equipment manufacturer to partner with for its future commercial endeavor. Particularly, it has its eyes towards established brands, Honor, Xiaomi, and Sharp.

While either company have yet to make a word over the rumor, the breakup may have likely its root in Huawei’s recent trouble with Washington who gave it sanctions following alleged claims of its relationship with China’s military.

If the tip turns out to be true, this would prove to be a sad day in the industry, particularly among fans who enjoyed the two company’s collaborative products.

Here’s the official statement from Leica c/o GSMArena:

trustful and long-term technology partnership with the Huawei Consumer Business Group exists since 2015. Since the beginning the partnership brings huge value to consumers as well as to both companies. As the cooperation still continues, the associated compliance with all confidentialities is of course preserved. The partners have agreed to secrecy about any details of the contract. Please understand that we will not be commenting on this.

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