Lenovo’s upcoming smartphone might have the thinnest bezel ever with its 95% screen-to-body ratio


A lot of people from both the regular consumers and enthusiasts were not a fan of the notch when the iPhone X was released. However, that didn’t stop other smartphone companies from copying it.

Bezel-less smartphones were seen as the future of mobile smartphones. It is an engineering feat, looks cool, and allowed brands to cram in bigger screens on their phones without necessarily increasing the overall size of smartphones.

However, display notches are kind of pulling it back — which is why we’re thankful that Lenovo is trying to change that.

Chang Cheng, Lenovo VP, took to Weibo and posted a teaser photo of their upcoming smartphone. The device is projected half-faced, but that was enough to get us excited.

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The pictured smartphone shows incredibly thin bezels. And more importantly, it looks like it doesn’t have a screen notch. Cheng also added that the device will have a 95% screen-to-body ratio which easily makes it as a smartphone that has the thinnest screen bezel.

However, it seems too good to be true. If you think about it, manufacturers still need to put in different hardware in the front of the device like the selfie camera and different sensors — something that Vivo is still trying to figure out in their Apex concept smartphone.

With that, we’re pretty excited to see how Lenovo will pull this off. The said device is going to be revealed on June 14.

Source: GSMArena


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