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Vivo APEX concept smartphone showcases all-screen display, retractable selfie camera

Vivo Apex concept smartphone - MWC 2018

Mobile World Congress is a stage not just for newly announced smartphones, but it also provides a chance for manufacturers to showcase the awesome technology that they are currently working on.

Vivo went all the way to Barcelona, Spain to show off their new concept smartphone — the Vivo APEX. This device will give us a peek at what Vivo might have in store for us in the next few years, or even months.

One of the highlight features of the device is its OLED screen. The device has an ultra-thin top and bottom bezels of only 4.3mm. However, that’s not enough, as Vivo is aiming to make it only 1.8mm to achieve an unbelievable 98% screen-to-body ratio.

vivo apex concept

To make this possible, Vivo reinvented and relocated all the other hardware that you’re used to finding in front of the screen. But thankfully, it skips the annoying display notch.

First, the front-facing camera can be retracted on this smartphone. The camera is hidden on the top of the device, which rises quickly when needed. You can then easily retract it back after taking a selfie.

Vivo Apex concept smartphone - retractable camera

Vivo is also introducing a technology called Screen SoundCasting Technology on the Vivo APEX. This new feature will send vibrations to the actual screen, so it can produce sound without the need of an actual earpiece.

Lastly, the APEX is equipped with a half-screen in-display technology. This turns the entire bottom half of the screen into an on-screen fingerprint scanner. So, in theory, this allows for a more convenient and easier way of unlocking the device.

Vivo Apex in-display fingerprint scanning tech

Vivo hasn’t revealed yet when can we expect to see a Vivo APEX-like smartphone. But still, knowing that this kind of concept can actually become a reality makes us excited for the future of smartphones.


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