Nokia 9 leaked

HMD Global has been gaining praises by how they were able to turn things around for Nokia. And if this latest leak is to be believed, the company might continue to reinvent the phone brand we all know and love.

This leaked information was revealed in a form of a digital poster. Spotted in China, the image shows an ad displayed in a poster. The said Nokia advertisement appears to be a teaser for the upcoming release of a Nokia X smartphone on April 27.

nokia x

The device is shown in a slanting orientation, with two of them forming an “X” shape. This can be also a hint that the device will come with a sleek and ultra-thin design.

But since we’ve never heard of any Nokia X in the rumor mill, we suspect that this is just a midrange device. So, we might need to wait a little more for the long-rumored Nokia 9 to come out.

Nokia X specs

There’s also a huge chance that this is just some marketing sham or an elaborate hoax. Until April 27 comes and pass, we can never know for sure.

Source: ITHome

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