To improve customer service, Philippine-based telco Converge ICT has partnered with Salesforce, a global platform with expertise in customer relationship management that uses cloud-based and intelligent solutions.

In a statement, Converge ICT chief information officer Ulysses Naguit said that they want their users to have a “simplified and personalized experience that is most convenient to them for their social media digital interactions which are resolved through CXP Agents supported by API-led connectivity.”


“This provides a common set of customer data across systems, and through this partnership with Salesforce, we have a better view into how our customers engage and what they prefer,” he added.

The partnership with Salesforce will utilize solutions that can continuously listen, know, and engage customers on different social media channels.

Improving their customer service will allow them to make their nearly 2 million happy. Converge said that its partnership with Salesforce will help them achieve its goal of becoming a customer-first company.

Improving its customer service will also aid the telco as it continuously grows its subscriber base across the country, including its growing network of business centers.

Amit Suxena of Salesforce said that “automating process, removing complexities and providing data-driven insights” can help businesses to keep up with the challenges of the rising expectations of customers.

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