Converge ICT is celebrating its million subscriber milestone by bumping up its customers’ internet speeds starting December 15.

In a filing, it’s been revealed that Converge ICT subscribers with the FiberX 2500 plan will now get 100Mbps of internet speeds from the previous 75Mbps. FiberX 3500 is now at 200Mbps from 150Mbps, Fiber Xtreme 4,500 to 400Mbps from 300Mbps, while the top tier Fiber Xtreme7,000 plan will now come with 800Mbps of internet from 500Mbps.


The add-on speed was also improved to 45Mbps from 35Mbps for Php1,599 per month. It’s exclusive to existing Php1,500 plan subscribers, which will only have to pay additional Php99 per month to get 10Mbps on top of their plan.

Existing subscribers can go to for the speed bump to take effect. On the other hand, interested subscribers can open a new application through Converge’s Fiber webpage.


As a bonus, new subscribers from December 12, 2020 until January 31, 2021 will get their first month completely free.

Converge previously reported that their third-quarter income was up by 83% compared to last year. Moreover, the company announced that they have allocated Php29 billion for a network expansion project, and will build a backup data center to prevent outages.

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  1. To Sir Patrick Cañete ,

    I hope you could help me inform the higher Bosses of Converge ICT Solution. I was a subscriber for almost 8mos. now. Since Dec 15 2020 at 3am while im in shift at home. May internet was interrupted and never restored again. It is my bday today and Xmas is over still I dont have internet connection. Been calling CSR or converge theres no solution provided to me and just said sorry for the inconvenients. Were almost running to half a month and no one even replied to my emails too. I have paid all my bills on time . What else do i need to do to have my connection back on track. I hope you could help me and revert to me if you can. Thanks a lot