In a recently-held State of the Nation Address (SONA), Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, has demanded local telecommunication companies to improve their service or face getting closed down, if the demand is not met by December 2020.

The President especially highlights two of the biggest telcos in the country, PLDT and Globe, which saw poor service to their Filipino consumers. Citing the quality of service as “half-cooked” and “lousy,” while expecting the people to pay in full. 

“If you are not ready to improve, I might just as well close all of you and we revert back to line telephone. I will expropriate that and give that to government,” said the president.

PH Government eyes common tower policy to improve cellular coverage

“Tell us now if you cannot improve on it… I have 2 years, the next two years will be spent improving the telecommunications in this country without you,” he added.

Identifying infrastructures as a potential root of the issue, the President then encourages said companies to find creative ways to come up with the capital needed to improve this significant aspect of their business.

Recently, the PH government has addressed the red tape issues in building common towers by reducing the timeline from 200 days down to only 16 days.

The statement comes as an articulation of what appears to be gripes of the businesses’ consumers—the Filipino people—who were fed up with the poor quality service.

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