In a press release, Globe Telecom revealed that road digging has been one of the causes of numerous fiber cuts to its network.

With that, Globe Telecom has reiterated its appeal to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and its contractors to “exercise diligence” when they are doing road constructions to prevent further accidental damages they may cause on Globe’s fiber network.

Multiple times, we find people from construction companies assigned by the DPWH who will use a backhoe wantonly and dig up our fiber.  This disrupts the services of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people. As we aim to serve our customers better, we must take steps to avoid this as much as possible. So once again, I reiterate our appeal to the DPWH and its contractors to act responsibly and recognize this recurring issue,

Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO

Globe reiterates that such accidents will cause slower internet service to their customers. Plus, additional repair costs that Globe themselves will have to shoulder.

Cu said that they are not the only telco experiencing this issue. Hence, they asked everyone’s involvement to take the necessary precautions that will prevent fiber cuts from happening again.

The Globe CEO is also asking the help of the government to push construction companies to be more diligent in their work.

“We’ve been lobbying the government for some support in terms of getting these construction companies to be a bit more diligent in looking at build plans, given the fact that the internet is so important these days and any outage is found to attract a lot of attention from the public given their dependence on connectivity,”

Ernest Cu, Globe President and CEO

Other than the internet service, Globe said that similar incidents over the years have caused major network disruptions that also affected their text and call services. The company have even filed criminal and civil cases against suspected contractors before.

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