Globe Telecom announced that they will launch their prepaid fiber internet in June.

The Globe prepaid fiber service aims to provide a cheaper and more flexible internet option to Filipinos amid the high inflation. The company’s main rival, PLDT, is also thinking about offering a similar service.

We first heard of Globe’s plans for a prepaid home fiber service back in March. Now, the idea is starting to materialize.


As per Globe President Ernest Cu, the service will offer a fast internet connection at “sachet” pricing with no lock-in period. Quite similar to the wireless prepaid home WiFi services we’re used to, only more reliable thanks to fiber network.

Cu highlighted how the service will be “very easy to sign up for”, and more importantly, how it would be “very affordable to the general public, particularly the mass market which is really affected by inflation.”

“This will feature a fully digital experience coupled with sachet pricing and financing options that’s most relevant and accessible to the mass market,” Consumer Mobile Business head Darius Delgado said.

Other than helping Filipinos, Delgado said that it will also help them to attract more customers and revenue.

We’ll have more details about the Globe prepaid fiber service, especially its pricing and requirements, in June 2023.

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