We’re slowly nearing the deadline for SIM registration in the Philippines. If you haven’t already, Globe Telecom has introduced a new and convenient way for you to register your SIM card.

To make it easier for Globe users to register their SIMs, they have launched a new SIM registration feature on the GlobeOne app. Compared to the website method, this one should be faster and more convenient.



Globe expects that this new feature will allow 86.7 million of its users to have their SIMs registered before the deadline. As of February 22, they have recorded over 14.47 million registrations, which is still far from the total number.

Darius Delbago, Globe Consumer Mobile Business Head, said that Globe users will be able to complete the registration in just three steps.

To register, simply open the GlobeOne app > tap ‘Register your SIM’ > select the account or enter the mobile number you want to register > submit the required information > and wait for the confirmation that your SIM is registered. You can check the rest of the requirements here.

It’s best to register your SIM before the deadline so you don’t lose your number.

The GlobeOne app also allows you to check your balance, check your points, and redeem Globe Rewards.

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