Just like that, we’re already four months in on 2022. With that, Speedtest by Ookla has released its report regarding the mobile internet situation in the Philippines for the first quarter of the year.

Smart Communications holds the title of the fastest mobile internet provider for years. For Q1 of 2022, the PLDT subsidiary stays in the top position with its average download speed of 24.07Mbps.


What’s surprising is, that newcomer DITO Telecommunity overtakes Globe Telecom by having 16.96Mbps of average download speeds, narrowly beating the latter who got a score of 15.25Mbps.


Taking a closer look at 5G connectivity, Smart Communications is still in the lead with a median download speed of 200.43Mbps. That’s far behind Globe’s 121.29Mbps. DITO Telecommunity didn’t make it to the list since it is yet to release its 5G service.

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They may not be the fastest, but Globe Telecom brags that they are the most consistent mobile operator in the Philippines during the same period.


Globe has a national consistency score of 79.45 from the first three months of the year. An acceptable improvement from the 70.43 score they got during the same period last year. The consistency score is based on the number of tests taken with results higher than a certain speed threshold.

Curious which part of the country has the fastest internet? According to Ookla, Caloocan is in the top spot for having the best median mobile download speed among the country’s most populous cities. The city recorded an average speed of 25.71Mbps in the first quarter of 2022.

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