PhilTower Consortium Inc. (PhilTower) teamed up with Australian AI solutions provider SiteSee to improve its power inspections and management.

With SiteSee’s digital twin platform, PhilTower’s cell towers will be more optimized and will help them find new revenue opportunities. Digital Twin uses a virtual model or simulation that can mimic an actual physical object.


SiteSee’s digital twin platform will be paired with the field surveys and audit tools by QNSI, a Philippine-based telco provider.

As per PhilTower, this partnership will slowly replace traditional engineering inspection and will enhance asset management practices.

The upgrade process began last December on a total of 1,350 PhilTower cell sites that were purchased from Globe Telecom three months earlier.

The comprehensive site audit services of the cell towers were provided by QNSI using drones. The drone images were then processed by SiteSee to create accurate 3D models. They will then use AI algorithms to create “digital twins” of the infrastructures.

PhilTower said that using drone audits was substantially more efficient than previous operation methods.

“The drone audit resulted in operational efficiency in terms of accurate and detailed asset registers, reduced truck rolls and audit time, accelerate loading analysis, ease of co-location process and deployment. We also anticipate the potential saving in future tower preventive maintenance costs.  This strategic partnership is one of our steps towards digitalization and modernization of distributed assets,” said P.T. Pawar, COO of PhilTower.

“These state of art technologies like drones and AI help streamline and accelerate our operations and provide enormous benefits for our customers as it creates transparency and speeds up transactions,” said Devid Gubiani, PhilTower CEO.

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