With continued investments in cable systems, PLDT has set its sights on doubling its network capacity before 2021 ends.

As of August this year, PLDT said that its domestic backbone capacity can reach 55 terabits per second.

That amount, which the company claims to be already the most expansive in the Philippines, is expected to increase when the Jupiter Cable and other cable system projects are completed. PLDT is aiming for a 92Tbps network capacity. That’s more than three times the capacity that PLDT had last year.

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For the Jupiter project alone, PLDT has invested $136.7 million. PLDT is also participating in 15 other international cable systems, most of which are submarine cable systems.

For PLDT President and CEO Alfredo S. Panlilio, the expansion of network capacity is done to ensure Filipino consumers get the best experience. The company is expecting 1 million new subscribers in 2021 for its fiber-to-the-home service.

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