Mobile analytics firm Opensignal has, for the first time, released a new report comparing how DITO Telecommunity‘s mobile network performed against the competition since it began commercial operations in March.

Data gathered by Opensignal show that mobile users in DITO’s network are experiencing close to the all-operator average in terms of download speeds. DITO actually performed well for Metro Cebu and Davao City during its launch in March, having recorded higher than average numbers.


But for the following months, DITO Telecommunity users experienced slower-than-average download speeds, albeit the difference in the speed is not that significant. Opensignal attributes this middling performance to the fact that DITO is still relatively new, which means volatility in performance is normal.


As for upload, DITO generally performed above average, including in Metro Manila. The first few months saw speeds that were substantially higher but stabilized closer to the average thereafter.


Despite mixed initial results, Opensignal remarks how impressive DITO fared against Smart and Globe.

Source: Opensignal

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