PLDT, Globe 8-digit number migration now complete

Minor issue: Some Globe users are having problems contacting the new PLDT numbers


Two of the nation’s leading telecommunications companies announced that they will be switching from its 7-digit landline number to an 8-digit format. The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) mandated the number migration to address the country’s growing landline customer base.

PLDT users will now be adding the number “8” at the beginning of the landline number, while Globe users will be adding the number “7”. For example, when dialing a PLDT landline number, users must dial (02) 8XXX-XXXX.

PLDT Fibr — NoypiGeeks

After completing the 8-digit landline number migration on October 2019, some Globe landline users found it difficult to contact PLDT landline numbers. Comments from landline users found on social media say that they cannot hear a dial tone nor can the call push through.

Globe Telco released the following statement on its official Twitter page acknowledging the service issue.

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PLDT also released a statement regarding the apparent issue saying that they are coordinating with their technical team and other telco counterparts to fix the service problems.

The telco company also told its customers to call their 8-digit Landline Number Migration Hotline *999 if they are still experiencing service issues.

What do you guys think about the issue? Are you experiencing trouble with your landline? Let us know in the comments below.

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