PLDT #FibrTVolution

Visit a random Filipino home and it’s a safe bet that a television resides in the living room. This phenomenon hardly comes as a surprise, given that the TV set has remained to be the best bonding tool in the Filipino home. Now, the entertainment can be elevated to a whole new level with #FibrTVolution.

TVolution, though small in size, is a powerful device that transforms the ordinary TV into one that’s hooked up to the Internet. All current Fibr subscribers in Metro Manila, as well as certain myDSL subscribers, can apply for this add-on. With a user-friendly UI and painless installation, TVolution lets users stream their favorite movies and TV series. This new service also offers exclusive content from, additional movies from Clickpay, and several infotainment apps, including the following:

  • News5Everywhere – the official online social TV of News 5
  • Clickplay – provides blockbuster movies on-demand
  • – free access to Koreanovelas, Philippine TV dramas, anime, and PBA games
  • Kingsoft Office – fully featured productivity suite
  • KnAPPsack – bundles a variety of apps into one convenient location
  • EA Games – a well-known publisher and developer of video games
  • Spinnr – the one-stop music portal, complete with many features and discounts

Synergy is yet another good thing about TVolution, as it lets users turn their PLDT Telpad tablet into a remote control. There’s 4 GB internal storage available where you can store your apps and files. Furthermore, TVolution can run Android apps and comes with two USB slots for, say, mouse, keyboard, external storage, and others.

Those who want to apply for the TVolution can do so by filling up this online application form. The service only comes with an additional Php199 monthly charge on top of the existing bill and is delivered at no cost within three to five days after approval of the application. Each unit also comes with a 7-day replacement along with a one-year service warranty.

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