Smart Apple App Store Direct Carrier Billing service launched


Have you ever wanted to purchase any app or content from Apple, but can’t do so because you don’t have a credit card in your dispense? Well, you’d be glad to know that the new Smart Apple App Store Direct Carrier Billing service was just announced.

With this new service, you can easily purchase any Apps from the App Store or content on iTunes using your Smart Postpaid, or even Prepaid account.

This provides a safe and straightforward option for those people who want to purchase anything from Apple’s digital offerings. Every purchase will be included in your monthly Smart Postpaid Bill or directly deduced to your Prepaid load.

How it works is pretty simple. First, you should have an Apple ID. If you’re on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac, go to your Apple account settings, and under “Payment and Shipping” pick “Mobile Phone” and key in your details.

The feature also works on those who are running iTunes on Windows PCs.

After you’ve set it up, it will become a default option each time you purchase anything on Apple’s e-stores, at any devices you’re Apple ID account is signed in with.


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