Out of several network service providers in the country, Smart bagged the Best Mobile Coverage rating, per Ookla’s newest independent report.

Using data from user-generated tests and scans in 2.3 million devices throughout 671,510 locations in the Philippines, Ookla declares Smart as the victor in the Best Mobile Coverage category for its Coverage Score of 794, surpassing the closest competition’s 732.

In the report, the broadband network intelligence firm explains Coverage Score as the calculated number encompassing the operator’s footprint and the quality of service rendered in each location.


Drawing on the same data pool, Ookla identified Smart’s general service coverage on all its customers to be at 99 percent, while 90.8 percent on 4G Service.

While the feat implies a solid infrastructure that outmatches the competition, part also of the success comes from the customers who find value in the network provider’s affordable services.

Just recently, Smart Prepaid launched the Power All 99 and 149, which gives users 8 GB of open access data, unlimited access to TikTok, and unlimited text messages to all networks, all within seven days and at the price tag of Php99.

Likewise, Smart also released the “Sulit Affordaloads” promo on its value brand TNT, which gives the more budget-tight consumers access to the internet for as low as Php10.

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