Smart just unveiled their new SmartBro dashboard, an innovation to make their subscribers’ life easier.

Managing an account isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if you’re not particularly sure on how much credit you have left, or the codes of every promo out there.

This new SmartBro dashboard will be the default landing page for every subscriber, or if the promo they are enrolled in expire. The page displays your mobile number, and has real time access to plan subscriptions (if you have any), load balance, and other Smart Bro offers you can subscribe to (Flexitime, Unlisurf, Always On, LTE packages).


Clicking the account balance option lets you see if your Load Protect is enabled or not. This feature secures you so you won’t get charged if you happen to use your load balance before you even register for a mobile internet package. In other words, it disables the automatic charging of Php5 for 15 minutes. This is handy because we usually forget the expiration of our subscription and/or get too excited. When your promo expires, you will be immediately directed to the Smart Bro dashboard’s homepage as well.

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Moving over to the Buy Packages section, we’ll see all the available promos along with their descriptions. The Device Settings contains the instructions on how to set up your Smart Bro Plug-it and Smart Bro Pocket WiFi devices.

For more information about this service, check out Smart’s site here.

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