Smart Communications is upgrading its SIM-only plans by including a Netflix Mobile Plan subscription.

The Netflix Mobile Plan was announced as a cheaper alternative to its basic, standard, and premium tiers. For only Php149 per month, you can enjoy all the shows and movies the streaming service offers right on your mobile phone.

Now, this same plan will now be available on Smart Signature SIM-only plan for free.

Starting at Signature S plan, you can get a Netflix Mobile Plan, 10GB of all-access data, unlimited AllNet Calls and Text, and 150-minute calls to PLDT for Php999 per month.


If you want to splurge, there’s the Signature XL plan for Php2,999. That upgrades the data allocation to 60GB, and PLDT calls to 650 minutes. On the downside, the Signature 5G Plan L and Plan XL don’t come with Netflix Mobile for some reason.

You can check the full list of Smart Signature Plans to find the right plan that fits your needs.

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