Globe Telecom has launched TMBayan Fiber WiFi, which is meant to provide affordable and accessible fiber internet to TM fans.

The TMBayan Fiber WiFi is essentially a public WiFi service where users can connect their devices on WiFi networks available on town plazas, sari-sari stores, community centers, and other convergence areas in different neighborhoods that can be turned into WiFi hotspots.

Today, we’ll be detailing some of the things you should know about the service. Let’s start.

How can you use the TMBayan Fiber WiFi?

Here are a step-by-step guide on how you can use the new TMBayan Fiber WiFi service.

Step 1: Go to an area or establishment where a TMBayan Fiber WiFi hotspot is available.

Step 2: Connect to a WiFi network called @TMBayanWiFi.

Step 3: Input your mobile number.

Step 4: Type the verification code sent to you via SMS.

Step 5: Pick the promo of your choosing and settle the payment.

List of TMBayan Fiber WiFi promos

The available promos come in two categories. There’s one for single users, while the other can be shared with up to 6 devices — great if you’re with friends and family or you’re carrying multiple devices with you.

For one device only
TMBayanUNLI5 UNLI WiFi valid for 1 hour
TMBayanUNLI20 UNLI WiFi valid for 12 hours
TMBayanUNLI50 UNLI WiFi valid for 3 days
Shareable up to 6 devices
TMBayanUNLI99 UNLI WiFi valid for 5 days
TMBayanUNLI189 UNLI WiFi valid for 7 days
TMBayanUNLI500 UNLI WiFi valid for 30 days

How to pay for TMBayan Fiber WiFi?

The mode of payment for the said service is as follows:

  • Carrier Billing via prepaid load or postpaid bill
  • Request-a-Fi via shared load from a different subscriber
  • GCash
  • Credit or debit card

As per Globe, the goal of the service is to “bridge the digital divide in the country” by helping the people that need it the most.


Thanks to their relatively affordable prices, it should provide fiber internet access to more Filipinos. It should be useful for social media browsing, e-learning, remote working, streaming videos, uploading content, and a whole lot more.

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  1. There are two different types of promotions that are currently accessible. There is one for individual users, and the other may be shared with up to six different devices. This is an excellent option if you are traveling with a large group of people or if you are carrying more than one device with you.

  2. paano po gumamit ng tmbayan wifi gamit ang laptop? wala po kasing lagayan ng sim ung lap kaya diko alam paano e register sa laptop