The United States government wants to help finance the next infrastructure upgrades of Philippine telcos after it funded the 5G rollout of Now Telecom.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is planning to up the loan facilities up to USD100 million offered by the US International Development Finance Corp. (DFC) to telco providers in Philippine provinces.

John Avila, USAID senior economic growth specialist, said that the US government is thinking of extending loans to community providers of broadband services.


“We are in the exploratory stage for that (because) DFC is actually looking for partners. We are facilitating meetings with community networks, so hopefully, DFC will finance these community networks,” said Avila.

Avila said that DFC is running a loan program where it looks for local partners from different sectors that it can provide funding to help them expand and grow.

With this, DFC is allowing to minimize the risk that small enterprises may experience when trying to grow their business. This, ultimately, will help broaden their market.

As per Avila, the DFC could offer a loan of as low as USD5 million and as high as USD100 million, which will depend on the capital required for expansion.

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