Hotel-and-resort chain Crown Regency issued an advisory on Tuesday, notifying guests that bookings for its Boracay properties that were made with Agoda are “not authorized.”

The company called out the online travel booking platform for putting up Crown Regency Boracay listings, claiming that these are falsely advertised and marketed.

Richelle King of Crown Regency shared more details on Facebook regarding Agoda’s misrepresentation of their properties. Agoda apparently bought rooms from one of their Boracay resorts but then sold it under a different Crown Regency resort in the island that is currently closed for maintenance.


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According to King, Agoda would also resort to using aggressive marketing tactics to the detriment of the hotel. She also lambasted Agoda’s customer service, which she claimed would typically put the blame on Crown Regency should customers experience issues, even though the hotel chain is not involved in the transactions.

Crown Regency warns guests that it won’t hold responsibility for any damages and rebookings if guests make reservations for their Boracay properties through Agoda. The company further advised guests to book through their official online travel agent partners instead, which include, Expedia, and Traveloka.

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