Would you choose to lose some sleep just to have an instant $16,000 in your bank the next day?

A 26-year-old Twitch streamer from Los Angeles has made such a lumpsum by streaming himself sleeping, notwithstanding the engaged viewers who did all the things possible to not give him a restful slumber.

Known on the internet for his quirky antics, subsequently creating a million followers on YouTube and tens of thousands on Twitter and Instagram, Asian Andy’s stunt has him literally hitting the sack and wanting to get some Z’s, all while in front of the live camera for his remote audiences to see.

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But being an online stream with live interactions from his followers, Asian Andy has experienced what was perhaps his “most punishing” and “most rewarding” sleep ever—that being thrown various pranks, all in an attempt to see his funny, over-the-top reactions, while at the same time seeing donations flowing in like crazy as a result.

Asian Andy was not the first to perform the “sleep stream” stunt, however, as other streamers, like Ice Poseidon and Shannon, have also tried the same thing before, although with less than stellar reward.

Via: Business Insider

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