From 2 to 200,000+ subscribers: Aspiring 9-year-old YouTuber gets overwhelming support


A nine-year-old aspiring YouTuber from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental went viral recently when she made a post that celebrates her 2 subscribers on YouTube. But the child now has more than good reason to be more joyful as her channel had an influx of subscribers—which now stands at over 200,000.

The deluge of subscribers indeed comes with the viral Facebook post which sees the rather innocent child, Mary Grace Escober, literally commemorating an occasion with a candled cake and a bottle of soda, which many would otherwise neglect, let alone consider as an achievement.

The Facebook post states “Happy 2 subscribers,” followed by an encouragement to subscribe to her channel and a thank you to the sponsor of her treat.

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Making rounds online, the post reached the pages of many netizens who were touched by the humbling content, subsequently prompting them to willfully subscribe to the channel en masse. 

Following her initial viral post, Mary Grace Escober makes an acknowledgment of the overwhelming support the Filipino people has given her.


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