The Apple Glasses have been a topic of interest in the tech industry since word of it wind up to people’s consciousness. Just recently, we have heard rumors regarding the developing product’s pricing as well as its unique—and rather very convenient—feature to automatically adjust with the wearer’s quality of sight or those who wear prescription lenses. 

Now, another hearsay came to light suggesting of the AR glasses’ ability to respond accordingly to eye movements. 

In a rather lengthy patent, it was described how the Apple Glasses function relative to eye movement, including blinking and stares.


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For instance, staring—or if a user got fixated to a certain object or view for more than a few seconds—towards something from a distance, the Apple Glasses automatically zooms in over what is presumably the object of interest.

The patent also appears enriched with ideas that will make the product truly an innovative kind, including touch-sensitive interface and voice command.

Right now, Apple still has no official word about Apple Glasses.

Via: 9to5Mac

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