Even though smartphones nowadays are packed with huge batteries, there are still times when we get to drain it all up when we are out and about. To deal with that, we either set our devices in low-power mode or use power banks to charge it up again.

While it’s easy to find a normal power bank and charger, there are some units that are a cut above the rest. Not all of them are created equal, as there are units which support certain technologies like Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4 and 4 Plus.

Compared to the previous generation, Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ and 4 is 30% more efficient, 3°C cooler, and 15% faster. It also comes with more safety precautions as compatible devices have the ability to monitor its temperature in order to avoid overheating issues.

If you want to learn more about the technology behind Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 and 4+, read this article.

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Chargers with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4/4+ support

  • Belkin car charger (F7U075)
  • Belkin wall charger (F7U073au)
  • Belkin wall charger (F7U073kr)
  • Belkin wall charger (F7U073my)
  • Belkin wall charger (F7U073vf)
  • BQ wall charger (ADT-18ATA-PCG)
  • Cellular Italia wall charger (SPA-KSA-30P-D5)
  • Ever Win car charger (VP4plus)
  • Ever Win wall charger (TC4Plus)
  • HAMA wall charger (00178273)
  • HAMA car charger (00178274)
  • Honor wall charger (ADT-18ATA-PCG)
  • Kuantech wall charger (KSA-45P2-45W D5)
  • Portway wall charger (PTL-27WPDQ4)
  • Razer Phone power adapter
  • SIRIN LABS wall charger (KSA-30P-D5)
  • Trust International wall charger (BV-23140)
  • Ventev car charger (TSD02)
  • Ventev wall charger (TWS07)

Quick Charge 4+ and 4.0 compatible powerbanks

  • Baseus 30,000mAh USB-C PD Power Bank
  • Xiaomi ZMI Aura QB822 20,000mAh Power bank

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Although it’s been in the market for a while now, there’s still not a lot of officially supported chargers and power banks for Quick Charge 4.0 Plus as of the moment. In fact, there’s still no certified car chargers yet.

Whether Qualcomm is picky about its partners or manufacturers aren’t interested because there’s no demand, we’ll never know. Most of the products available are still limited to Quick Charge 3.0, so they are not as fast as the latest iteration.

In case we missed something, let us know in the comments section so we can add it to the list. We’ll update this article regularly when more devices get support.

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