Samsung has introduced a brand new product, the Galaxy SmartTag.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is a tiny device that you can attach to anything and let you find it. You can strap it in your keys, bags, pair of TWS earphones, and other valuable items, so you can track them in case they get lost.


One unique use scenario is to place it in your pet’s collar, so you know wherever they are all time.

So, how do the Galaxy SmartTag works? This tiny gadget has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can pull out your phone, press the ring button, and the tag will ring a sound to help you find your keys or whatever you attached it to.


But what happens when it’s out of range? As per Samsung, the Galaxy Find Network will help you track the SmartTag even when offline. It essentially asks for the help of other Galaxy devices that it may have in close contact with.

Moreover, the SmartTag comes with a button that lets you easily control your IoT or smart home device. The command for a button press can be configured in the companion app.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag has an official price of Php1,799. It comes in a white color, but only the black option is available in the Philippines.

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