Rumors were saying that Samsung is planning to kill the S Pen. But apparently, not yet. In fact, they even brought its popular accessory to the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

What’s ironic is, the new S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G looks more advanced than the Note 20 series. It has 4096 pressure levels and a 0.7mm tip for a more realistic writing/drawing experience.


But unlike the ones on the Galaxy Note, this one is a passive stylus, so not a lot of smart features are present. Albeit, thanks to Wacom technology, pressing the button can help trigger actions and shortcuts.

And since it doesn’t have to fit on the device itself, the new S Pen is much larger for more comfortable use.


If you want something bigger and has smart features thanks to Bluetooth, there’s the S Pen Pro. It’s also not exclusive to the S21 Ultra, so it will work on your Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Tab S6 and Tab S7 series, and other Galaxy devices updated to One UI 3.1.

What’s more, Samsung devices can now support Wacom-based styluses.


The standard S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra is available for USD39.99 (around Php1,900), or get it with a case for USD69.99 (around Php3,400). On the other hand, the pricing and availability for the S Pen Pro is yet to be revealed.

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