When you’ve a child who is addicted into mobile games, maybe you shouldn’t leave him on his own with a smartphone. It’s also important you don’t hand over your old handset without severing its link to your bank or e-wallet accounts. Take the case of Tice Locsin, an eight-year-old who spent Php100,000 off his parents’ debit card in just two days.  

As narrated by mother Julmar Grace on Facebook, Tice was recently given a phone that used to belong to his father. The kid recently got tired of his usual mobile games and decided to download more games he thought were free. But the bank statements show that wasn’t the case.

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Indeed, those in-game transactions for XP boosters and virtual goods can add up. Kids don’t realize they’ve racked up an enormous expense until it’s already too late. It’s not entirely the fault on the young’uns either, as many mobile app developers have mastered gamification, luring people into their apps to spend on something that’s ultimately useless.  

It’s no wonder that kids depleting their parents’ money is becoming common these days.

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