BBK, the parent company of Vivo, is seeing an expansion in its catalog as Vivo launches its entry in the smartwatch business—the Vivo Watch.

While the name “Vivo Watch” might seem oversimplified and a little lazy, the device’s end-result is anything but. Which, if compared with its siblings from the OPPO and Realme camps, is significantly well-thought-out and better-looking. 

Designed to be classy, the Vivo Watch sports a circular form factor, is built with a stainless-steel body, and is embellished with a carved ceramic bezel. For basic inputs, the device also comes with two buttons, which vary according to variant, on the flank that joins the AMOLED display.

Aside from the button layout, each variety also differs in the strap they employ, varying between leather and rubber.


Each of the designs come with a 46mm diameter. But for those who find this model to be a little too big for their wrist, there is also the smaller 42mm version, which bears semblance to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

Targeted to work independently or in conjunction with a smartphone, the Vivo Watch is packed with features that increase productivity, such as the setting of reminders, viewing of upcoming tasks, and even displaying notifications from the phone.

Other notable functionalities include the ability to act as a remote control to snap images, a voice assistant, music playback, and contactless payment.

Aimed to support a healthy lifestyle, the Vivo Watch is also equipped with sensors that track a person’s well-being based on established indicators, such as sleep, stress, heart rate, blood oxygen, etc.

Vivo Watch is priced at 1,299 yuan or around Php9,300 when converted directly to Philippine peso.

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