The Xiaomi 20W fast charger was just revealed and the timing is no coincidence.

One of Apple’s new bold choices is removing the charging brick to make the box smaller for the iPhone 12 series, as the company’s latest attempt to “save the environment”. It goes without saying that the consumers are pissed, and the competition had its fun in throwing shade at Apple.


Probably the most elaborate share came from Xiaomi, which just released a new Xiaomi 20W USB-C fast charger. This device is clearly meant for the iPhone 12 series and older iPhones that since then have also been stripped off with a power brick and earphones, and now only comes with a Lightning to USB-C cable.

This thing has 20W output that connects through its USB Type-C port. The same charging specifications that the latest iPhones require, which will allow you to get a 50% charge in only half an hour.


Xiaomi’s official website also claims that it can fully charge a Galaxy S10 in 1 hour and 38 minutes, an iPad Pro at 2 hours and 53 minutes, and the Nintendo Switch at 3 hours and 10 minutes.

It also has a sleek all-white design that only weighs 43.8g, which looks a lot like Apple’s own USB-C mobile charger.


The Xiaomi USB-C 20W fast charger is available in China for CNY39 (around Php300). That’s much cheaper than Apple’s own 20W USB-C charger, which is available in the Philippines for Php1,190.

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