Confirming the earlier rumor that Apple’s latest flagship smartphone will not ship with chargers, the iPhone 12 series are indeed not going to have chargers and earpods out of box.

With both chargers and earphones removed, the iPhones will only be accompanied by a USB-C to lightning cable and will set a rather unusual trend moving forward.

In a similar fashion, even this year’s Apple Watch models themselves did not see a “complete” package, in the traditional sense, as it lacks a charging brick out of the box, which is otherwise a staple inclusion with the product.


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Previously, Apple was quoted about the initiative as not merely a “cost-cutting” measure, but rather an eco-friendly move that seeks to mitigate electronic wastes

Furthermore, the move also appears to boil down to the reduction of materials needed to develop their products, which meant lower volume packages and, therefore, decreased carbon emissions through more efficient shipment.

As with the latter, Apple is estimating a massive step-down to the level of carbon emissions it produces yearly, which it equates to as over 2 million metric tons, tantamount to the removal of at least 450,000 cars from the road in a year.

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