Both ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC) and ABS-CBN News YouTube channels are currently down as of the moment, Tuesday morning of November 3.

UPDATE #1: YouTube has confirmed that the two ABS-CBN channels were hacked yesterday, November 2. The video streaming giant encourages everyone to enable two-factor authentication to help prevent hackers from taking over an account.

UPDATE #2: ABS-CBN News YouTube channels are now back.

When accessed, an error appears with the message “Video unavailable. This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.”


When an account is terminated, it means there are issues with the channel. It’s not yet clear which YouTube policy ABS-CBN News has violated, but it released a statement saying that they are currently investigating the issue.

We’ll update this article as soon as we get more information about the issue.

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