Despite Xiaomi’s claim of 120W charging support for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, a striking finding shows the contrary.

Debunking the notion are the reviewers at Android Authority who assessed both the device and its charger.

In the test which was conducted to see whether Xiaomi’s assertion is true or not, it was found out that the charging power average at around 80 watts, far less than the advertised capability. More specifically, the charging power reaches its zenith at 92.3W, then rolls back to 86.4W, until ultimately residing at 80.1W.

Data from Android Authority

In the experiment, it was also revealed that the stock Mi 10 Ultra charger can charge it to full in 21 minutes, the first 3 minutes of which brings it to 25 percent, and with a max temperature of 43.8 °C. The thermal also noticeably reverts back to normal at around 70 percent of the charging.

Surprisingly, however, it was also revealed that a 50W charger is also almost as capable of the same feat, which sees it charging the device fully in 29 minutes, the first 5 minutes of which bringing the charging status to 25 percent, and a max temperature of 39.1 °C.

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