You might think that power banks are boring, but brands have amped them up that they can now charge pretty much any device you have. That’s exactly what Xiaomi did with the Mi Power Bank Hyper Sonic.

Whether you have a power-hungry phone, smartwatch, tablet, Nintendo Switch, a Type-C laptop, or all of them, then you might want to check out the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Hyper Sonic.


This puppy has Power Delivery 3.0 so you can charge a Type-C MacBook or modern Windows laptop while on the go. It can deliver 45W of power on such machines.

That power is increased to 50W to fast charge smartphones, portable consoles, tablets, and more. Charging is done intelligently with its Smart Power Management that regulates the high and low current so it’s safe to use.


What makes it an all-around power bank? The capacity. If you’re on a long trip, the Hyper Sonic’s 20,000mAh capacity ensures that you can charge your devices again and again.

To keep the big-capacity lithium polymer batteries safe, Xiaomi equipped it with Smart Optimization features and Smart 16 layer chip protection that includes thermal shutdown protection, temperature control, temperature resistance, and more.


Charging a battery this large would usually take hours. However, Xiaomi claims it can go from 0% to 100% in just 3 hours and 50 minutes thanks to its 45W fast recharging technology.

As for ports, the Super Sonic power bank has two USB-A and a single USB Type-C port that features two-way charging.


There’s a single button on the right that lights up the battery indicator on the top of the Type-C port.

The Xiaomi Mi Power Bank Super Sonic has a price of INR4,999 (around Php3,400) in India. As of the moment, it’s up for crowdfunding on the Xiaomi India website where you can get it for only INR3,499 (around Php2,300) until they reach the goal of 2,500 units.

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