Whereas most custom skins for the lockscreen are all about looking pretty, Cover for Android begs to differ by leaning towards functionality. It observes the time of day and your whereabouts to predict your current activity and provide the appropriate apps.

As Cover for Android website puts it, there’s “no more fumbling through screens of apps to find the one you’re looking for.” The app automatically identifies where you are—work, car, or at home—and recommends other apps that you often use in those particular scenarios. For instance, your maps software is shown whenever you’re traveling.

Besides contextual apps, Cover also features app previews and quick switching between them. Users can even set different wallpapers, as well as smart volume settings, for different locations. The developers reckon their app shouldn’t consume more than 10 percent of the device’s battery.

Cover for Android is coming soon to Google Play, with an invite-only beta available through the official website. The app won’t arrive on iOS devices, though there are plenty of alternatives you can choose to make Android look like iOS 7. There’s also Facebook Home to slap your favorite social network on both your home and lock screens.

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  1. I’ve read about this and I think it will come very handy for the shortcut addicts out there like me.