Users have no doubt many features to enjoy in their Android handsets. But if they envy the simplicity of the new iOS 7 homescreen and yet don’t want to switch to an iPhone altogether, the Espier Launcher iOS 7 delivers a near-perfect Apple homescreen experience to its rival Google’s platform.

The user rating of the Espier Launcher iOS7 in the Play Store alone is already proof enough that the app brings one of the most accurate iOS implementation to Android devices. It’s not just looks alone that have been imitated; most functionality are available as well. To name a few, users can take advantage of full-screen folders, swipe gestures, and jiggle mode. Quick settings are easily accessible by swiping to the left, while a search function is available just like where it is in the real iOS.

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The emulated Apple experience comes even closer to the real deal when you download the Espier Screen Locker iOS7. The replication is spectacular and comes with everything: the interface, unlocking through the camera button, and more.

Along with its other customization-oriented apps, both Espier Studios’ launcher and screen locker apps are found in the Play Store and can be installed for free.

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  1. Why would an android user want an iOS7 look? This baffles me, considering that the new iOS7 feels a lot like android. :D